March 16, 2020


To protect the health and safety of its employees and visitors, Kohn-Ell Association Management is limiting entry to this office. Please refrain from entering this office without prior permission.

Please use the drop box located at the side door to deposit documents and checks for Kohn-Ell including HOA dues payments.

Vendors who are picking up checks should call the main office number, (919)856-1844 to make arrangements for pick-up.

Delivery services are urged to contact the main office number, or simply leave packages in the upstairs hallway entry door, which is inside the glass door near the elevator.

Visitors & vendors are encouraged to telephone or email Kohn-Ell managers and staff, rather than walking in. The main office number is (919)856-1844, and there is a phone directory option that can be used to directly contact a staff member.

Kohn-Ell Association Management apologizes for this inconvenience. We are closely following the progress towards limiting the spread of COVID-19. This limit on visitation will remain in force until such time as Kohn-Ell determines it is safe to receive visitors.

Dear Association Members,

No doubt we are all apprehensive about the corona virus and see the changes taking place regarding public gatherings.
While Board and General Member meetings are not of that size, please consider the postponement of meetings for which no mailings have gone out.
And, Boards please consider teleconferencing Board meetings.
Please contact your manager to decide on a plan and thank you for your ideas.

You can now set up your payment using e-check or credit card. All major credit cards and e-checks can be used for payment. Credit cards and e-check payments will be charged a convenience fee by the processing company. This fee is not charged by your association or Kohn-Ell.

Kohn-Ell is utilizing an online payment system that accepts all major credit cards, and offers lower convenience fees, recurring payments, and information storage. For your convenience, there is a link on for online payments. E-check or credit card payments can be made after you register. A convenience fee will be charged for credit card payments and e-check payments made through the online portal. A second fee of $1.99 will be debited from your bank account if you select E-check payment.

This fee is not charged by your association or Kohn-Ell. E-check payments made directly from your bank to the association do not incur a fee.

Kohn-Ell is installing a new phone system early in December, so the extension of the party you are trying reach listed in old letters or e-mails dated prior to December 20th, may not work after December 21st.

To speak with a representative, Press 1. For the new dial by Name directory, Press 2. To leave us a message, press 0. Sorry for the inconvenience.








We are Kohn-Ell Association Management Services, LLC. Our mission is to preserve property values, enhance your living experience, and promote a sense of community through effective management of your Association.

Our primary objective is to provide accurate and timely information, advice, and management direction in a prompt and courteous manner to the Association’s Board of Directors and members. We manage and act on behalf of all Association members with direction and approval from the Board of Directors in accordance with the Association’s governing Documents, applicable law and accounting standards.

We welcome the opportunity to manage your Association. We value the customers we have and are confident we can make significant and lasting contributions to your community.










Office Locations

Wake County

Monday - Friday
Office Hours: 9:00am to 4:30pm

205 West Millbrook Road
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Raleigh, NC 27609

Phone: 919-856-1844

Fax: 919-571-8290


Johnston County

Monday - Friday
Office Hours: 9:00am to 4:30pm

442 East Main Street
Suite C
Clayton, NC 27520

Phone: 919-585-4240

Fax: 919-571-8290